Why a Pre-Wedding Shoot?

Popular wedding photographers nowadays offer wedding couples more value-added services to not only deliver a professional product but also to ensure that they themselves have an easier task on the day to create the images both the wedding photographer and the couple wants.

A lot of wedding photographers offer pre-wedding or engagement shoots either as part of their packages or as a separate add on. You might wonder what the purpose or benefits of a pre-wedding shoot is and why you should consider having one.

Wedding photography is an art form and good wedding photographers will aim to tell the story of the day in images that are candid and captures the moments as they happen during the day. But most of us are strangers to being photographed by a professional photographer, so we don’t know what to expect when faced with an intimidating black lens pointing straight at us.

The purpose of a pre-wedding shoot is for wedding photographers to get to know a couple and put you at ease in terms of being in front of a camera and having to look comfortable, spontaneous and of course romantic. Since posing doesn’t come natural to most people, it is the job of professional wedding photographers to do as much as they can to ensure that a couple is totally at ease come the wedding day. That why it is also important to like your wedding photographer since she will be spending more time with you than your groom on the day of your wedding! Most grooms feel the pre-wedding shoot is unnecessary and in my experience it is not something they are looking forward to. Yet, at the end of the session both the bride and groom normally had so much fun that they are looking forward to the photo session on the wedding day.

Couples in love like to be romantic but it is my task as wedding photographer to make sure that you are also at ease getting flirty with someone present. The more romance you can put into your posing on the day, the more beautiful your images will look. During the pre-wedding shoot we have more time to play than on the actual wedding day. I therefore spend a lot of time explaining to couples what it is I want them to do to create a certain look. We laugh and joke a lot, act silly and generally have an awesome time. It is very common for couples, come the wedding day, to already know what I want before I even ask them what to do. Time spend during the pre-wedding shoot therefore saves a lot of time in terms of directing a shoot on the wedding day.

I encourage couples to go to a little bit of trouble when planning their pre-wedding shoot. Sure, you are organizing a whole wedding and you are not likely to have a lot of time on your hands. But doing things a little bit different in terms of outfits and location will ensure you have a gorgeous pre-wedding couple shoot that will produce images you will cherish a life time. It is also common nowadays for couples to use photos from the pre-wedding shoot for table decor, guest books or sign posters on the wedding day.

Pre-Wedding Getaways for the Bride and Groom

It is easy to get so busy with planning a wedding that you feel like you barely have time for anything else. However, it is important to carve out some special couples time to reconnect with your fiance, especially as the wedding grows near. These are some excellent ideas for pre-wedding getaways for the bride and groom.

Your pre-wedding getaway can be almost anything, as long as it is something which you both enjoy. While you need not pick a totally secluded destination, nor is this the time to invite another couple to vacation with you. Let this be a special time to relax, reconnect, and recharge your batteries while taking a break from the wedding planning. Couples who love the great outdoors might enjoy a weekend camping in the wilderness. With no wi-fi or cell phone service, it is the perfect place to really escape from it all and simply enjoy one another’s company.

If faith is a big part of the bride and groom’s relationship, an excellent idea for a pre-wedding getaway would be a religious retreat. Many churches offer them for couples, and it can be a wonderful chance for the bride and groom to forge a deeper bond while also deepening their spiritual commitment. Some religions routinely offer weekend retreats for engaged couples, which focus especially on building a marriage based on love and faith. Ask your clergyman or church administrator what options are available in your area.

For some couples, nothing beats a trip to the beach for relaxation and romance. Even a couple of days at a nearby beach or lake will go a long way towards melting away the stress of daily life. Spend your days splashing in the surf and basking in the sun (just don’t get sunburned – you don’t want to look like a lobster on your wedding day!), and your evenings sharing romantic dinners while watching the sun set over the water. This would be the perfect time for the groom to surprise his bride with a special piece of wedding jewelry as a gift. If the groom is not sure what type of wedding jewelry would best complement the bride’s gown, he can always enlist the assistance of the maid of honor when shopping – just be sure she can keep a secret!

Couples on the go might like to getaway to a place with tons of things to do, such as New York or another big city. There is sightseeing, shopping, great dining, concerts, plays, museums, and so much more to do! A city excursion would be particularly fun for the couple who is planning to go to the beach for their honeymoon. Rather than doing the same type of trip twice, it would be exciting to choose a completely different sort of destination for the pre-wedding getaway. While you might not come back feeling as relaxed as you would from the beach, you are sure to feel exhilarated and energized by the experience.

It is important to work at keeping a strong connection with your significant other while in the midst of planning a wedding. Taking some couples time to get away from it all is a great way to make sure that the relationship does not get lost with all the other stuff that is going on. Your pre-wedding getaway will be just the thing you need to make sure that the romance stays fresh in your relationship.

Wedding Trend – Pre-Wedding Cocktail Hour

Weddings are so much fun! Not only do many couples feel like they never want the celebration to end, some also want to get the festivities started as soon as possible. In addition to the post-wedding brunch, one of the ways to make even more of your wedding weekend is to kick things off with a cocktail hour before the ceremony.

There are a variety of reasons why the concept of a pre-wedding cocktail hour has taken off. The main one is that it is just plain fun. Your guests will love the chance to mix and mingle while sipping a cool beverage before the formal service begins. It can be a great way for people from the bride’s side and the groom’s side to get to know one another a bit before the reception later on. In addition, it is just a very hospitable way to welcome your guests to your wedding.

There can be some practical advantages to having a little cocktail hour before your wedding, as well. These days, many couples are choosing to have their formal wedding portraits taken before the ceremony, and the cocktail hour would give you the perfect opportunity to do so while your guests are otherwise engaged. The nice thing is that everyone will look their freshest, with the bride in her un-wrinkled wedding gown and fabulous bridal jewelry, and the bridesmaids still feeling fresh in their crisp dresses and pretty bridal jewelry. This can be particularly smart if the bride and her attendants are wearing fabrics that crease easily.

If you are one of those people who is always running fifteen minutes late, this can be another benefit to a pre-wedding cocktail hour! At least your guests will not mind being kept waiting as much. Guests who are chatting and enjoying a drink or a glass of Champagne are going to be a lot less antsy than those sitting impatiently in their seats wondering if the bride has made a break for it.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you do decide to have cocktails served before your wedding ceremony. The first is that the bride should definitely plan to save her grand entrance for the ceremony. You will have plenty of time to mix and mingle with your guests after the service, especially if you take care of most of the photos beforehand.

Another thing to remember is that you do not have to make your pre-wedding cocktail hour very elaborate. You can choose just a few drinks to serve, and save the full bar for the start of the reception. A nice idea would be to choose a signature drink, perhaps in one of your wedding colors. You can round things out with glasses of Champagne, and a non-alcoholic “mocktail” for those who are hoping to remember the wedding ceremony.

The pre-wedding cocktail hour is a trend that is only going to get more popular. This is especially true for brides and grooms who have their ceremony and reception all in one location, as it is very easy to set up. How wonderful to begin your wedding festivities in such a hospitable fashion!