Weight Loss for Brides – 3 Easy Tips for Pre-Wedding Weight Loss for Brides

You might be looking at buying a plus-sized wedding dress and dreading your wedding with the extra pounds. Weight loss for brides is a real issue for many women especially since most brides are too busy for normal dieting and exercise. However, wedding weight loss is possible, and there are actually some real easy ways of going about it!

Tip #1 – Use Prepared Diet Meal Delivery Services

It may sound crazy, but don’t throw the idea out too fast! People on prepared and delivered diets have been found to lose 31% more weight on average than normal dieters. It’s a perfect solution for a busy bride — and something she might just add into the wedding costs. No grocery shopping, no planning, no cooking – while being able to eat wonderful calorie-accurate meals. They’re not nearly as expensive as you might think and some taste awesome!

Tip #2 – Combine Your Exercise with Your Down-Time

Grab yourself a cheap exercise bike or any other exercise machine at the local second-hand store. Then, while you’re watching some TV at home taking a break from all the wedding planning, do a good workout. You won’t be spending money for a gym membership (so you can use that money for delivered meals)!

Tip #3 – Flatten Your Belly with a Detox

Another crazy sounding idea, but it works for loads of people! A simple colon detox system such as Colonix by Dr. Natura [http://www.squidoo.com/dietfooddelivery] can do incredible things to flattening your tummy. The program takes 1-3 months, depending on how much time you want to invest. It’s easy to do, requires basically zero time investment, and has huge benefits to flattening out a tummy without exercise! An added benefit is extra energy!

Weight loss for brides can be much easier than normally expected so you may not have to look at those plus size wedding dresses! Significant wedding weight loss can be started today by following these steps. You’ll impress your future husband too by a much sexier body and feel so much better yourself!